Integrate via POST API (RTB)

This page aims to help our Publishers/Supply Partners to get integrated via our RTB Ad Request API.


Mobfox has launched a new method for requesting ads.

This time Mobfox builds on top of the RTB standard and offers Publishers this new API for easy integration.

As RTB is a wide spread and accepted standard it should not take more than 20min to integrate Mobfox SSP into your own ad flow. It's like integrating any DSP you are working with today.

To get started with the integration please first get yourself a Mobfox Account which is allowed to use our RTB Ad Request API.

Please follow our "Next steps" below.

Next steps

Please follow these steps to get integrated:

  1. Contact your account manager to get your access to our RTB API Endpoint or get in touch with us via (use the bubble on the bottom right to chat with us).
  2. Go to our RTB Ad Request API Spec page to start your integration.

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